Natalie Lamp




Hand – cast lamp in traditional high gloss lacquer.

Sunny with Burnished Bronze (CSC DG SUNNY AB)
Sunny with Polished Brass (CSC DG SUNNY PB)
Sunny with Polished Nickel (CSC DG SUNNY PN)

Cardinal Red with Burnished Bronze (CSC DG CARDINAL RED AB)
Cardinal Red with Polished Brass (CSC DG CARDINAL RED PB)
Cardinal Red with Polished Nickel (CSC DG CARDINAL RED PN)

Cream with Burnished Bronze (CSC DG CREAM AB)
Cream with Polished Brass (CSC DG CREAM PB)
Cream with Polished Nickel (CSC DG CREAM PN)

Powder blue with Polished Brass (CSC DG POWDER BLUE PB)
Powder blue with Polished Nickel (CSC DG POWDER BLUE PN)

Teal with Burnished Bronze (CSC DG TEAL AB)
Teal with Polished Brass (CSC DG TEAL PB)
Teal with Polished Nickel (CSC DG TEAL PN)

Midnight blue with Burnished Bronze (CSC DG MIDNIGHT BLUE AB)
Midnight blue with Polished Brass (CSC DG MIDNIGHT BLUE PB)
Midnight blue with Polished Nickel (CSC DG MIDNIGHT BLUE PN)

H 15 1/2 x W 8 3/4″ x Overall H 25″

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