George Nunno and Jon Maroto Bring FLAIR to New York

Coming off long and successful careers in the fashion industry, George Nunno and Jon Maroto cast their fortunes in a completely new direction with the April 2008 opening of FLAIR in New York. Friends and colleagues for over 20 years, the two communicate on an almost telepathic level while scouting and selecting the store’s merchandise at fairs and markets in Europe and the United States. “We trust each other’s taste implicitly and, while we don’t always agree, we often have the same, almost visceral moment when finding a piece we both love.” Ultimately, it comes down to finding items they would want in their respective homes. Nunno is perhaps the more abstract of the team, Maroto a bit more formal. Both agree that the balance is perfect and the differences create a truly unique and exciting mix.


The FLAIR story has its origins in Florence, Italy. Founded 10 years ago by the husband and wife team of Franco Mariotti and Alessandra Tabacchi, FLAIR originally started in a small store in an historic district on the banks of the Arno River. In contrast to the prevailing offerings then available in Italy, either very traditional or ultra-modern, the furnishings at FLAIR were reflections of various eras, presented together in a fresh, confident, and timeless way. Having since moved to larger quarters on the Piazza Goldoni in Florence, FLAIR now has Italian outposts in Milan and Rome.

The FLAIR Soho store is the result of a longstanding friendship between Nunno, Maroto, Mariotti and Tabacchi. FLAIR in New York represents the opportunity for Nunno and Maroto to bring together the artistic history of Soho, the polish of vintage European furnishings, and their timeless collection of contemporary classics. “FLAIR is like throwing a great dinner party. You want all your guests to get along, but not all be the same. That would be really lackluster. It’s the balance between contrast and compliment that makes the spark.”


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